Friday, 11 October 2013

Replacing the Dolomite Manifold

Got my nice reconditioned exhaust manifold from Chic Doig and am now part way through replacement. As usual with working on a Triumph I've had a few pitfalls on the way. Also working in a Dolomite Engine bay makes you appreciate just how easy the small chassis Triumphs such as Spitfire's GT6s and heralds are to work on with the nice open access to the engine. Many more bruised knuckles, having to feel your way because things aren't visible and more swearing take place when working under a Dolly bonnet!

Anyway, stripped out the old manifold. One thing that became apparent was that the heatshield for the Carburettors has the centre piece missing/removed and the previous owner has come up with an interesting bodge to shield the heat by covering the underside of the float chambers and waxstat jets with silver foil! needless to say I've decided to order a new heatshield and put this right. having owned a 1500 Spitfire before I know how these 1500 4 pot engines struggle with vapour lock in hot weather without a heatshield.

Head with Manifolds and Carbs etc removed

Old manifold, the flange and studs are pretty ropey as well as the rear stud thread being stripped.
Carbs note centre part of heatshield missing and float chambers/waxstats covered in silver foil!

As I had to send off for a heatshield I also decided to order a nice new set of studs for fixing the manifold to the head, plus new nuts. Fitted the studs using two nuts locked together to tighten them into the head with threadlock added to the stud to try and ensure they stay in the head as the old studs mostly came undone with the nuts.
Fitting new studs to the head.
Next I refitted the manifolds. Sods law I dropped one of the little butterfly clamps that fit between the two manifolds. Spent ages trying to find it to no avail so have had to order a replacement which will waste a day waiting for the part to turn up in the post.

New studs and gasket fitted

Manifolds in place
Lost Clamp
The other issue I found was that the exhaust downpipe wasn't secured to the gearbox support bracket, this puts an extra strain on the flange gasket. the bracket on the gearbox is in place but I think I'll need to make up an adaptor bracket to mount a standard exhaust clamp in place, job for tomorrow.

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