Sunday, 15 November 2015

RBRR Entry confirmed and penultimate White Lion Breakfast meet

First some good news. Team "Flyinng Log's" entry to the 2016 RBRR is confirmed. This time we are team 33, or in keeping with the poo coloured theme I will refer to this as team "Turdy Tree"...

Team "Turdy Tree" the "Flying Log"

Now some sadder news, the excellent series of Classic Car Breakfast Meets that I've been attending for the last few years at White Lion Antiques look to be stopping in the new year as the site is likely to be redeveloped. This is a great pity as the meets have been very well attended with a real varied selection of Classic and Sports Cars from Humble Austin A30s up to Lambos McClarens and Ferrari's. I'm certainly going to miss these meets.

Today was the penultimate meet, a few pictures below. The final meet will be on Sunday 13th December.

First a few of the Triumphs there today

This Sprint had a for sale note in the window for £2850 ono, looked like a bargain to me, wish I had space!

My GT6 , it was a bit packed early on and double parking was needed

Managed to get a proper space later on

Almost a Triumph, a really nice Standard Vangaurd (these have a similar Standard Triumph 6 Cylinder Engine as the later 6 cylinder Tiumphs, eg 2000, 2500 saloons, Vitesse Mk1, GT6 Mk1)
A now some of the other cars

Nice Europa, surprised this wasn't at last month's Lotus themed meet.

This time the themed marque was VW, more campers than other "variants" (excuse the pun) turned up
Nice Split Screen Camper

On it's way out
Gorgeous metallic blue paint on the Anglia

The regular posse of DeLoreans turned up

Nice fairly unmolested early Mini Cooper

Modern Vauxhall Engine in this Viva saloon, I bet that surprises a few cars who try and beat it away from the lights!

A Couple of XKs brought some class

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Team Flying Log RBRR entry and Cookie's Cars valuations

At long last the entry for the 2016 Club Triumph Round Britain Run has opened. This year the supported charity is Guide Dogs as per the poster below.

Team Flying Log's entry is now posted awaiting confirmation of our place. In previous years the event has been oversubscribed and places taken within a couple of days, however the fact I posted off ours on the day the entries opened and also the fact that the numbers of cars this year has increased to 130 I'm pretty confident we'll be in first time without going on a waiting list.

A slight change to the "Team Flying Log" members this year. Paul was unable to make it this time around. Paul is an accomplished classical singer performing with the BBC Philharmonic so trying to keep the same balance with a musical (semi) professional Paul's replacement is Mark Smith, Lead Guitarist rom ACDC/ Thin Lizzy Covers Band Syn City Rockers. So this time The Log will be Rockin' it's way around Britain!

The Flying Log at John O'Groats last time around.
So can't wait for next October and be warned I'll be on the scrounge for Sponsorship during the summer of 2016...

My agreed value insurance on the two Triumphs has to have a re-valuation done every 2 years and both the Flying Log and GT6 have just been revalued. Triumph values have been shooting up this last couple of years, particularly GT6s so it was no surprise that the values have increased. My Insurance is through the TSSC scheme and the  valuations are carried out and underwritten through the club. The valuations can be a bit controversial as they tend to be higher than the resale value of a car as it's based on how much it would cost to replace the car with one of a similar condition and then carry out the various restoration work and improvements to replicate the existing car.

Anyway I'm well satisfied with the agreed values for my 2 cars, £10.5K for the GT6 and £2.5K for the Flying Log. With the value of my modern 2011 BMW 3 series touring depreciating year on year the GT6 will soon be the most valuable car I own as it's nearly worth as much as the beemer already.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Brekkie time again

Another trip to the local Classic Car Breakfast meet this morning at White lion Antiques. Once again a bumper turn out. This time around the featured marques was lots and there were swarms of them. A selection in the pictures below.

You don't see many of these anymore, Lotus Vauxhall Carlton, a real wolf in sheep's clothing.

Very original Lotus Cortina Mk2

A bit lary and in bad taste in terms of decals in my opinion, this Essex Esprit. However, talking to Antonio from work ( a keen lotus fan and Elan Sprint owner) apparently this was how they came out of the factory!

I really liked the early Elan Coupe's there were a few there today.

Can't remember the last time  I saw a Lotus Sunbeam

OK so Lotus didn't make a Lotus Anglia, but if they had, here is one!

Antonio's fabulous Elan Sprint

Antonio's fabulous Elan Sprint

It's that Lary Essex Esprit again

Always had a soft spot for Lotus Europas. I had a matchbox model of one when I was a kid!

Always had a soft spot for Lotus Europas. I had a matchbox model of one when I was a kid!
There were a few Triumph's there as usual, my GT6 included.

Toledo with a Ford V6....

Toledo with a Ford V6....

Looks familiar, oh yes it's mine!

Glenn's Spitfire, Bonnet open as we were discussing some carb issues he has.

The V6 Toledo on it's way out
And here are a few of the other marques that caught my eye.

Well it was back to the future day earlier this week so only right to feature some DeLorean's

Nice Plymouth Baracuda, I'd like this in my stable of cars.

A very "Noble" car

I think this MItsubushi wins lary bad taste car of the meet...

Genuine World Cup Mexico rally car, a shame it's been modded as it had a modern Ford Engine in it.

Racing Jensen Healey, again an Engine Change, had a Ford 4 pot in it instead of the original Lotus slant Engine.

Cute and Original Kestrel

Pretty rare nowadays, an Escort RS Cosworth