Wednesday, 30 July 2014

TrumFest 2014

Last weekend was the inaugural TriumFest meeting at Donington Circuit. Organised by the TSSC this event replaces the former international weekend that used to be held at Stafford county showground. The Stafford event had become a bit stale after over 20 years and the move to Donington was a welcome change especially as it was to include some driving action on the old Heritage loop track.

I had to use the Flying Log Dolomite for the event as I had my two kids for the weekend and two kids plus me plus a weekend of camping gear into a GT6 doesn't fit. We left late morning on the Friday expecting to be there early afternoon, however the great British road network had other ideas and what should have been a 2 1/2 hour drive took 5 1/2 hours due to snarl ups particularly on the A34 and M40. Anyway we arrived at about 5:30 and set the tents up then ventured into town to get some food for the barbeque.

After the Barbeque it was down to the Beer Festival that had been organised on the campsite. There was a good selection of ales and ciders on offer and a good opportunity for a catch up with Triumph friends from across the country.

Then on Saturday it was time for the event proper to start. I went early and purchased my ticket for laps of the Heritage Loop historic circuit nice and early. After a wander around the autojumble and a look around the early arriver cars it was time to take my place in the queue for the Heritage loop laps. The first lap was a guided lap behind one of the marshal's cars (a Dolly 1850) to show the way around the track. Then there were individual laps one at a time, untimed as per the MSA permit. Despite having a guide lap first I still managed to get lost on my first lap as I went the wrong side of some cones at the brow of a hill, having topped the brow I was suddenly presented by the grass in front of me and locked all four wheels up to avoid leaving the track. Anyway the following laps were better as I knew my way around and were great fun even in the underpowered "Flying Log" 1500 Dolomite.

Getting Ready for my Heritage Loop Laps in the "Flying Log"

I also watched a few other cars negotiating the loop, including one of the Jigsaw racing Spitfire Lemans replicas.

Then another look around the show. Lots of nice cars including a lot of GT6s. A lot more recently restored MK1s including Dennis Benson's very early "Press Release" Mk1 which is restored as a total original. Better than most concours cars but not entered in the concours!

A few of the GT6s at TriumFest.....

Dennis Benson's MK1 ex press car

Dennis Benson's Mk1 ex Press car
Alastair Banks' Mk2 won best GT6 in the concours

Volvo T4 Turbo Engined GT6 owned by Ian Cottam

A few of the other cars:-

TriumFest incorporated Coupe Sunday so there were a few Herald Coupes there like this one owned by Craig Gingell

Not all Triumphs at TriumFest, this was a rather nice Bond Bug

Ashley Mills' 2.5 Pi Mk1

Nice Triumph Gloria Vitesse
Rather nicely customised Mini Van

Then after the event and another Barbeque it was off to the on site drive in movie a screening of the Italian Job. Great film and great atmosphere.

Then off to the party with live band followed by more drinkypoos!

Then off to Bed.

On Sunday it was time for more laps of the Heritage Loop, this time with my Son James on board. Video footage of this loaded

A bit more wandering around the trade stands and cars.

A go at the blindfolded autogymkhana.
Driving Blindfold in the AutoGymkhana

A look around the concours hall.

And finally a visit to the Donington Museum, the Triumfest wristband entitled me to half price entry so it would have been rude not to make use of it! An excellent museum, I knew there were F1 cars but didn't expect the collection of military vehicles, bikes, road and rally cars.

All in all an excellent weekend, a real step forward compared to the previous Stafford event, cant wait for next years!