Friday, 29 April 2011

Over on The Isle of Wight

Cookie is currently over on the Isle of Wight at the Triumph Camping Weekend, meeting up with lots of old Triumphing friends. A good way to avoid the Royal Wedding as I'm well away from any TV!

Started off the weekend by taking my boy James for a curry, which was good until he ate what he thought was a runner bean but was actually a green chilli. Poor little chap suffered somewhat.

The event proper starts this evening so today I let James decide what he wanted to do and took him to the military museum, he didn't want a tank ride but did enjoy playing with the Bofors Anti Aircraft Gun.

Got Back to the campsite, had a barbecue and then a few more started to turn up so started on the cider and beer!

Monday, 25 April 2011

Nice day out in the Sunshine

What a difference a year makes, today I went along to the Wyke Down Spring classics meet and autojumble in glorious hot sunshine. This nice little show and autojumble takes place in a filed behind the Wyke Down pub near Andover on Easter Monday each year and last year it got cancelled as the weather was so atrocious and the field was totally waterlogged. I like to get along to this as it's one of the first local shows of the season and has a good variety of vehicles and a interesting autojumble. Always a few unusual or desirable cars that carch my eye and this year was no different.

The traditional picnic by the GT6...

Not for the feint hearted, a chopper bicycle fitted with a Honda 125 Engine, even has the original bicycle front brake!

If I had a few bob to blow on a car collection this Atom would be one of the cars in my garage

Believe it or not, this is a car not a boat, Reliant Robin based

The Old and the New Jags, XK8 definitely has some styling cues from the E-type

Apologies if this is your car, but that wooden hard top thingy on the back is sooo ugly, why oh why???

A  Brace of Meschersmits