Monday, 28 April 2014

Ok so I did fix it and sods law, look whats just arrived!

I wasn't going to fix the downpipe gasket on the Dolly, but I decided as I have a few gaskets I would replace it before the Isle of Wight weekender. So I spent some time yesterday dropping the front pipe down and replacing the gasket in the hope that the baked bean tins on the downpipe will hold out for the weekend.

Then today the new stainless exhaust arrived, doesn't look I'll have a chance to fit it before Friday when we leave for the Island. If I knew the old system would come apart easily I may give it a go but I reckon it will be rusted together and need cutting to get off the car.  To be honest, if it had come one working day earlier, ie, last Friday rather than Monday all would have been well. Never mind, back to plan A, go with the bodged exhaust repair and replace the system after I return.

Anyway here is my nice new shiny pipe ready to go on, I have also bought new clamps and jointing compound, I have a gasket ready, I'll also pick up some new rubber hangers from Halfrauds before I fit it as I know they stock them.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Dolly Exhaust blowing again and I cant be arsed to fix it!

The Dolly exhaust started blowing again today. So I got under there with more baked bean tin repairs to the downpipe as it was leaking from the same place. Then I found that the downpipe flange gasket is also leaking now.

What is a real pain is that despite ordering a stainless exhaust system from the Dolly club 5 weeks ago on a quoted 3-4 weeks delivery it hadn't turned up and having chased it this week I found that there is a delay at the manufacturer, firstly they didn't acknowledge the order and it had to be resent a couple of weeks later and secondly their leadtimes have increased. That's a real pain as I wanted to get the new system fitted before the Isle of Wight camping weekend over May bank holiday which now looks unlikely.

As fitting a downpipe gasket is a pain in the arse of a job and as I'll only have to replace it again in 2-3weeks time when installing the stainless system I think I'll just put up with a blowing downpipe gasket for my trip to the Island. Not ideal but I just can't be arsed to do the job twice within a couple of weeks.

So if you are over on the Island and you here a sound like a tank, that'll be me in the "Flying Log"...

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Triple filtered

I've been getting a bit tired of constantly cleaning sediment out of my float chambers recently. I did read that this can be an issue caused by the ethanol that the petrol companies are allowed to put in fuel (5% currently). Apparently because ethanol is a stronger solvent than normal petrol it can loosen deposits that have built up in the fuel system over time, deposits that were stable with plain petrol in the system can be loosened by the ethanol and cause sediment. Things will get worse soon as the government are relaxing the rules in line with an EU directive and allowing up to 10% ethanol in fuels in the near future. Another issue is that the old rubber fuel lines in our classic cars are not ethanol resistant and tend to break down, crack and leak much more quickly than they used to with "proper" fuel.

I've always had a fuel filter fitted befor the fuel pump and the pump itself has a built in filter, however bits of sediment have still been arriving in the carburettor float bowls which can block jets, or cause leaks as the float needle valve can fail to seal if it gets a bit of sediment in it. I've got copper fuel pipes fitted so it's not internally rusty fuel lines between the pump filter and the carbs which can be a problem and I'd hope the two existing filters would be able to catch any internal rust above the fuel level that has formed inside the tank that makes its way into the system.

Anyway in an attempt to reduce the issue I've fitted yet another fuel filter just before the carbs along with some new rubber pipes that are supposed to be suitable for the latest unleaded fuel.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Dunsfold Wheels day

Got up early yesterday and took the GT6 for a run down to Dunsfold (Home of Top Gear) for the Surrey Street Rodders Wheels Day. I'm glad I did leave early as I queud up for best part of an hour to get in even though I arrive a good hour before the show was die to start. To be honst, Dunsfold is a pretty poor venue for a large event in terms of access, only two entrances both accessed via narrow raods and later in the day people were queuing for mailes and many didn't get in.

Anyway once there is was a nice evnt with a really good mix of Hot Rods, Customs, British and American Classics, modified cars, Old and modern Bikes etc. The Bloodhound SSC land speed attmpt car was there (or a mock up of it anyway) and I managed to get a poster of it signed by Richard Noble for my son James.Lots of stalls selling tools, automemoribilia, parts, clothing etc etc. Some good live music too, I particularly liked the band catballou who played a mixture of Rock N Roll, Blues and Rockabilly.

I glad I took lots of food and drink as the queues at the catering stalls were pretty bad, as was the queue for the loos. I think the event just hadn't catered for the number of people who turned up. Not sure how many cars were there but it was certainly into the thousands. There were a few Triumph's around but I think mine was the only GT6. One car that was of particular interest was a heavily modified TR5 with a big V8 and fibreglass flip front. With the amount of money TR5s are making nowadays I hope the builder did this a few years ago before the prices rocketted otherwise he has rather devalued an expensive car!

V8 Engine in a TR5

A rather devalued expensive car if this was build recently....
My GT6 was the only one there
 A few More Triumphs:-

Olie's "It not Pink it's Purple" Dolomite was there!

I enjoyed this band "Catbalou who played Rock n Roll, Blues and Rockabilly stuff.
The Bloodhound SS1 Landspeed Record Car was there along with Project Dirctor and ex Landspeed record holder Richard Noble.

Cool Icre Cream Van

Mega Scalextric Track...

A Few other Classics and Sportscars, British, American and European...

Nappy Cack Yellow Crapi!

Corvettes as far as the eye can see, loads of em

Peugeot 205 Rally car

Very Cute Fiat Taxi

"Fire up the Quattro", this one was for sale for £12K

Blue and white Stripped Shelby Cobras in triplicate!

Not badged, I think this may be a Wartburg or possibly an NSU, looks German for somereason anyway...

This Imp had a GSR 1100 bike Engine in it...

70s mania, Mk3 Cortina, Chopper, Space Hopper, like going back to my teenage years!

A few Rods, Customs and Bikes....

Norton Navigator, my Brother had one of these in the 80s

Stock Car Racer c/o Aldershot Raceway