Monday, 7 April 2014

Muck in the needle jet

Hopefully I've now sorted my weak running issue on the GT6. When I tried to tune the carbs the front carb was running weak even on the richest needle adjustment. I suspected an issue with some dirt in the needle jet, I did clear out the float chambers and there was a fair bit of sediment in them so there was a chance that some had lodged itself in the jet.  I took the front cab off the car this evening and partially stripped it and sure enough when looking through the needle jet I could see a bit of dirt. I tried to wash it out with petrol and blow it out with air but it wouldn't shift. I then thought that maybe the kids have some pipe cleaners in the box of arts and craft stuff. Sure enough they did so after running a pipe cleaner through a few times the needle jet was clear.

Cleaning out the needle jet with a pipe cleaner.

I then tuned the carbs and the good news was that the needle adjustment was able to go from lean to rich. The carbs were duly tuned with a colourtune and balanced with a synchometer. I didn't have a chance to test it this evening as I've got the kids this week so couldn't leave them on their own but hopefully all is well now.

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