Monday, 28 April 2014

Ok so I did fix it and sods law, look whats just arrived!

I wasn't going to fix the downpipe gasket on the Dolly, but I decided as I have a few gaskets I would replace it before the Isle of Wight weekender. So I spent some time yesterday dropping the front pipe down and replacing the gasket in the hope that the baked bean tins on the downpipe will hold out for the weekend.

Then today the new stainless exhaust arrived, doesn't look I'll have a chance to fit it before Friday when we leave for the Island. If I knew the old system would come apart easily I may give it a go but I reckon it will be rusted together and need cutting to get off the car.  To be honest, if it had come one working day earlier, ie, last Friday rather than Monday all would have been well. Never mind, back to plan A, go with the bodged exhaust repair and replace the system after I return.

Anyway here is my nice new shiny pipe ready to go on, I have also bought new clamps and jointing compound, I have a gasket ready, I'll also pick up some new rubber hangers from Halfrauds before I fit it as I know they stock them.

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