Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Loud Log in the Isle of Wight

Just had a great few days away at the Isle of Wight Triumph Weekend. This event is a bit of an annual pilgrimage for me. This year was the 25th event and I went to the 2nd one so have been going along for 24 years now and only missed a couple so I must enjoy it! It's a great event for the family with lots of stuff for kids to do as well as grown ups and plenty of drives out with large convoys of Triumph's to various attractions around the Island.

This year I had the kids so used the "Flying Log" Dolomite complete with baked bean can bodged exhaust. I only got as far as Southampton, about 45 miles before the exhaust blew big time making the flying log extremely LOUD but having got a ferry booking to catch I didn't stop and just pressed on for the last couple of miles. Once at the ferry terminal and in the queue for the ferry I checked out the damage and it was surprising to see that the baked bean can repairs were fine, all that had happened is that the joint between the downpipe and centre box had disconnected. Not having time to fix it before the ferry went I bodged it up with a guy rope from my tent tieing the exhaust up to keep it off the road and limped it to the campsite ready to fix properly in the morning. A reasonably easy fix but the exhaust was left hanging pretty low and was frequently grounding out. Still it survived the perils of the Island Roads and the journey home so all was well in the end.

Bodged up exhaust tied with a tent guy rope

The Log queueing for the Ferry
After a drinking session in the bar on Friday evening and up early to fix the exhaust it was time for the first drive out to Robin Hill Adventure park. The Isle of Wight Triumph Club had negotiated free entry to anyone in a classic Triumph as we parked our cars inside the theme park as a visitor attraction. This was a bit of a challenge as the grass area was a bit waterlogged and on a hill. I managed to get the Flying log stuck and bogged down and splattered with mud as I tried to wheel spin out!

Jason's TR6 on the campsite before the run to Robin Hill

My Daughter Alice wrapped up warm in Anne-Marie's Spitfire.

Nice Fiat Twin Cam engined Vitesse that is owned by Martin from the Island.

The log before departure

Darren in his Mk2 2500 Saloon

Cute Herald Pick up

Cars lining up before the convoy to Robin Hill

Jason and Poppy in the TR6 en Route

Triumphs in the mirror en route

All parked up at Robin Hill

Nice Courier Van

I love the NOB number plate!. This car also featured in the TV drama ashes to ashes

Me in the Sunshine
After the run we had the obligatory camping barbecue accompanied by lots of beer. Then it was off to the bar for the live band. They weren't great performers but had an interesting set list including a couple of Ian Drury tracks and lots of 70s and 80s stuff that wasn't mainstream. Anyway after more beer they started to sound a bit better. Then it was off to Ashley's caravan for Port and cheese into the small hours where our American friend Bill was in full flight with his amusing stories as usual!

The following day after a barbecue breakfast there was a convoy to Appuldurcombe House which is only a few hundred yards from the campsite. However we went the long way round on the convoy and did a trip of about 10 miles to get there including Ventnor Seafront and the infamous Zig Zag Hill which we do every year.
We all parked on the lawn at the front of  Appuldurcombe house which was an impressive photo opportunity. The house looks great at the front but is in ruins behind the facade as it was hit by a bomb during the war which a German bomber dispatched before he crashed a few miles further on. There was an excellent Falconry display in the grounds as well.
Triumphs outside Appuldurcombe House

Bald Eagle at the Falconry Display

Buzzard at the Falconry Display

Very Fast Gyr Falcon at the display

Triumph' through the window

The ruins behind the facade of Appuldurcmbe House

More Ruins

Lightnin' McQueen styled GT6 convertible from Essex
Then on Sunday afternoon was a hog roast and live soulful Reggae music from the very excellent Derek Sandy. This was a bit special as Derek had been paid for by Carol who sadly passed away from Cancer earlier this year, she knew she may not make it to this years event and wanted to make it special. There was also an auction of Carol's teddy bear collection later in the evening in aid of cancer research that raised over £300.

Also on Sunday evening was the quiz which our team always do well at, this year we came 2nd.

On Monday there was a convoy out for lunch at the White Mouse pub. After this and putting the tents away I called in with the kids to Carol's grave on the way to the ferry to pay our respects.

Triumphs at the White Mouse

More Triumphs at the Mouse

The Mouse again

Chris and Maria arrive at the Wight Mouse in Chris' excellent concours winning Mk3 Spitfire. This is one Concours Car that actually gets driven, certainly no trailer queen which is more impressive than those Concours car owners who polish but don't drive their cars properly. Triumph are there to be driven, the harder the better!
That was the end of another great Isle of Wight weekend. Looking forward to next year already!

Many thanks to Angela, Graham and the Isle of Wight Triumph team for impeccable organisation of another excellent event.

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