Saturday, 17 May 2014

Time to upgrade

One of the high beam sealed beam units has blown on the Dolomite. I was going to upgrade to Halogen headlamps before the Round Britain Run anyway but this brings it forward somewhat as I have an MOT coming up in a few weeks and it's not worth spending out on a 5 3/4 inch sealed beam unit just to rip it out. Amazingly a sealed beam unit costs more than a single halogen conversion, however  by the time you start looking at changing out all 4 headlamps and adding cable, relays etc it starts to get a bit more involved and expensive.

I designed out how I wanted to install the wiring with a separate fuse and relay for left dip, left main beam, right dip and right main beam. I actually found some blue/white and blue/red cable on ebay so I'll even be able to wire out in the original harness colours.

Here's my design, the fuses and cable are large enough to take 100w H1 bulbs for the main beam inners and 80/100w H4 bulbs for the dip/main outers so I can upgrade the bulbs if I want to.

I then sorted out my shopping list.

1 Halogen Conversion kit complete with Bulbs
1 x 4 way blade fuse box with common bus feed
4 x 40A relays
2 x H4 wiring looms
5M 25A Blue/White cable
5M 25A Blue/Red cable
1M 50A Red cable

The electrical parts apart from the conversion kit all came from the same supplier on ebay and totalled up to £39. The Halogen kit complete with bulbs was £50 so by the time I add crimp terminals' fuses etc (which should exist in my garage "stash")  it's going to be over £90 to do the job. Not cheap but I'm doing a proper job.

I'll probably change out for the more powerful bulbs for the RBRR.

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