Monday, 26 May 2014

Bank Holiday weekend, Sunshine and rain with a bit of light

Bank Holiday Sunday was a nice sunny day and the turn out at the local classic car breakfast meet at White Lion Antiques was nice and busy with a few nice cars that I hadn't seen there before.

MK1 Escort tastefully updated with a  modern Ford Duratec Engine.

Under the bonnet

You don't see many of the Citroen DSs nowadays. Cool Numberplate, Oui 71 = yes 71, I'm presuming it must be a 1971 b car!

Historic Rally Car, Gold Block MK1 Cortina GT

Gilbern Invader, haven't seen one of these for a while.

Ford Pop Hot Rod with a Maserati engine

Close up of the Maserati power

Renault Caravele, another rare car

Really nice 2002 Convertible, and another cool numberplate which is probably worth as much as the car!

Who'd have thought that a Sierra would have been a classic car when they were building them in the 80s? Unmolested Sierra Cossie's like this are certainly a classic now though and not seen that often.

|Mini Moke, give me fond memories of holidays in Barbados in the early 90s where we used these to roar around the Island

This Mk5 Jaguar drophead was gorgeous

Nice tidy Daimler Dart

This Reliant with the exposed engine certainly made me chuckle!

What a car! A 1911 Cadilac, a historical, rare and valuable beast

Wooden coach type wheels on the Caddie

Love the umbrella holder

Bank holiday Monday was a wash out so a good chance to work on the Dolly and fit the Halogen headlamps to replace the blown sealed beam unit and improve the lighting ready for the Round Britain Run later this year.

I fitted separate relays for right dip, left dip, right mainbeams and left mainbeams all fed from separate fuses in a new blade fusebox. Fusebox and relays all mounted on the inner wings with cable and fuses large enough to take uprated headlights up to 100w for mainbeams.

Fusebox and relays for left dip and left mainbeams on the left handside inner wing.

Relays for right dip and right maimbeams mounted on the right handside inner wing

I used crimp connectors with heatshrink sleeving over the top to improve insulation and durability. Where I joined cables I used crimp bullets and sockets with heat shrink over the top, to stop the joint pulling apart and ensure sound insulation.

Applying heatshrink sleeving, using my daughters hairdryer!

Nice Bright lights

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