Sunday, 15 June 2014

MOT time for the Flying Log

OK so I'm a lazy git, put the "Log" in for MOT yesterday and didn't bother checking it over first, that's the point of taking it to a place that does re-tests, use a test to get it checked and just fix the bits that need doing!

So the "Log" failed but to be honest it wasn't too bad, one binding rear brake and low efficiency on the handbrake on the other side.

Stripped don the binding brake to day and found it was due to the auto adjuster being seized and the handbrake lever springy thing catching, moving out of place and jamming which was preventing the handbrake from disengaging properly.

Adjuster Ratchet Seized up and spiringy bit on the handbrake lever jammed behind

Cleaned it all up but am now waiting for a set of Brake Shoes to arrive as they are pretty worn and need replacing before the RBRR.
Shoes removed and backplate etc cleaned up

Adjuster freed, cleaned up and lighter lubricated with copperease

Not much friction material left. almost down to the rivets so time to replace

I'll then do the other side, there's only room in the garage to work on one side at a time on the Dolly unlike the GT6, it's almost like the Dolly is a "Big" car :-)  

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