Saturday, 13 June 2015

MOT for the "Log" and Ace Cafe

Good Day for Triumphing today.

The "Flying Log" Dolomite passed it's MOT this morning, best  thing though which I didn't notice unril I got home was the invoice that accompanied the certificate. Check out the Make and Model, certainly made me chuckle, cheers to Jim Phillips who owns and runs Moonface Service Centre for adding a bit of humour...

Then it was on to the world famous Ace cafe on the North Circular for the annual Triumph Day. I had expected to have to use the Flying Log for this event as I was scheduled to have both my kids, however Alice deceided she didn't want to go and agreed to stay with her Mum for the afternoon leaving me free to take James in the GT6.

Less of a turnout than in previopus years but quire a few Dolomites. I particularly liked this Magenta Sprint, very nice.

 Afew more pictures...

Of course one of the best things about the Ace Cafe is the food. James and I tucked into the Chilli, Chips and Cheese, well yummy.