Saturday, 15 May 2021

It's not supossed to wobble like that!

 So, now the lockdowns are starting to ease I've been starting to use the GT6 again. It started off last month by deciding that it wanted to penalise me for the lack of use by having a clutch hydraulics failure, so the seals were all replaced yet again. The last lot of master cylinder seals failed within a year, probably due to lack of use during the Covid lockdowns.

Anyway, with it back on the road, I've now started to use it for some local events/meets.

At TSSC East Berks local area Mmeet up

Now I've started using the car again I noticed a bit of a knocking sound on tickover. I investigated and found that the waterpump bearing is shot, what is surprising it that it's not actually leaking. 

Checking the waterpump, it's not supposed to wobble like that!

A new Water Pump has been ordered and will be the next little job on my list. The last one was installed in 2012 but has only done about 15,000 miles. I think the one before was original and had done 160,000 miles, even at that point he bearing was still OK but the seal had just started to weep. The quality of replacements is just not up to the original standard!