Monday, 27 August 2018

Round Britain Run Update

It’s now only just over 5 weeks until I attempt the Club Triumph Round Britain Reliability Run in the “Flying Log” again, 2,000 miles in 48 hours around the British mainland. This time the event is raising money for the charity Epilepsy Research UK, particularly appropriate as we lost one of our Club Triumph members, Martin Randle, to Epilepsy last year at much too young an age.
Our Team consists of myself and co-drivers Glynn Davis and Mark Smith, friends who are also Triumph nutters and like myself suffer from the syndrome of collecting multiple Triumphs!
Last month it looked touch and go as to whether I was going to be able to drive on the run as I woke up one Saturday morning with double vision. Although this lasted several weeks the good news is I’ve now fully recovered and have been discharged by the eye doctor so will be driving. If I still had a problem I would have still completed the run but just in the capacity of navigator.
The preparation of the car is now well on track. The biggest job was a replacement gearbox and overdrive which was completed back in May.

New Gearbox fitted

Other jobs which I’ve completed are :_
  • Replacing the coil, distributor cap and rotor arm whilst trying to fix a misfire. The misfire turned out to be tight valve clearances on 3 of the exhaust valves which were adjusted and misfire fixed.
  •  Getting the master light switch working properly (it sometimes was intermittent and needed a wriggle) using electrical contact cleaner, I’ve also got a couple of spare switches to take along just in case.
  • Replacing the twin tone front horns, one of the originals had packed up so I only had a single tone and it was a bit feeble. Horns will be needed up in the wilds of North Scotlandshire to get the sheep and other wildlife to clear the road ahead!
  • Replacing a lower ball joint – needed for the MOT anyway.
  • Working to free off a partially sticking front brake caliper that was making the car pull to one side under heavy braking, again required for the MOT.
  •  Replacing the Fuel tank, the old one worked fine but a baffle inside had come loose and was stopping the fuel sender from working meaning the fuel gauge got stuck. Slight problem when I went to replace the tank, the second hand one I’d bought turned out to be a bit smaller, turns out it’s from a Toledo rather than a Dolomite. Anyway, made up brackets to support the rear and it’s fitted and working. The slight reduction in capacity from 12 to 10 gallons will be OK for now.
  •  Replacing all the rubber fuel hose with the latest R9 spec which is suitable for the latest fuels which have ethanol added. Ethanol eats standard unleaded fuel hose and breaks it down causing leaks and sediment.
  • Replacement of the Hazard Flasher Switch, picked up on the MOT that the warning bulb wasn’t working and the previous owner had glued the switch together which prevented bulb replacement in the existing switch.
  • Getting a small patch welded on the inner wing  for the MOT.
  • Car now MOTd with no advisories.

Toledo Fuel Tank is slightly smaller than the original, 10 Gallon Capacity rather then 12.

I have a few more jobs to do over the next few weeks which are really standard servicing :-
  •  Oil and Filter Change.
  • Brake and Clutch Fluid check.
  • Drain the coolant, flush the system and replenish with new anti-freeze mix.
  • Check Gearbox and Diff oil and top up as necessary.
  • Check and adjust tappets.
  • Change Spark Plugs.
  • Check ignition timing (it’s electronic so no points to replace/adjust).
  • Tune and balance the carbs.
  • Replace air filters.
  • Re-grease and adjust wheel bearings
  • Pump grease into the grease nipples on all greasing points.
  • General check of all suspension and steering nuts and bolts.

I’m also going to replace both front tyres, they have loads of tread and passed the MOT but there are a few minor cracks in the rubber and they are about 10 years old.
There is a drivers briefing meeting on 22nd September where I’ll pick up all the briefing pack with road book etc and also the stickers so the car will then be stickered up to look the part for the run.

The Flying Log, stickered up on the last RBRR back in 2016. Picture taken at Loch Naver in very Northern Scotland.

Finally, if you would like to sponsor our team it would be really appreciated. To sponsor us please go to our just giving page :-

We hope to raise at least £1,000 in all and as the event raised just under £100,000 in total last time it would be great if the £100,000 barrier get's broken this time around. Over the years, Club Triumph has raised over £600,000 for various worthy charities.

A massive thank you to all those that have sponsored us already.