Sunday, 27 September 2015

Nice end to a sad week

This week started off a bit somber as a few of the Club Triumph Stalwarts said goodbye to our friend Bill Goodwin who passed away the previous week. Bill was from Maryland near Washington DC in the US and sadly died while on holiday over in the UK. On Tuesday he was cremated in Harlow. It was going to be a very low key affair with just a few pieces of Bill's favorite music paid and no guests expected. However after rallying round we managed to get a good contingent of Bill's Club Triumph Friends to attend with a nice selection of Triumph's in the car park, Ashley Mills said a few kind words in tribute. Mike Charlton brought along a nice framed picture of Bill that was displayed in the crematorium and then taken along to a local pub where we toasted farewell to Bill over a beer. Bill was well known for his love of beer as well as Triumph's so he would have approved.

A selection of Triumphs at Bill's funeral.

The week ended up a bit more upbeat with the regular classic car breakfast meet at White Lion Antiques having a bumper attendance, probably due to the glorious sunshine.

Plenty of Triumphs were there amongst the huge variety of other Classics, Customs and Exotica.

Glenn's Spitfire

Looks familiar, oh yes it's mine !

Nice to see another GT6 at the meet. This one has only just been put back on the road after a major rebuild

As usual there was a themed marque for the day, this time is was Morgan and there was a nice selection from 3 wheelers up to the newest Morgan Aero model.

One car that caught my eye was a 61 Morris Mini Minor. This was the same colour and spec as my first ever car, Fiesta Yellow with Turquoise Blue and Grey Interior trim . This was a very unmolested original car. Mine started off like that but as was the way back in 1980 when I owned mine it was turned into a "Boy Racer" car with lots of all show no go "Go faster" mods! It was already an 18 year old car when I got it but wasn't really classed as a classic back then.

My 62 Mini back in the early 80s
Amongst the selection of cars was one I'd never heard of a Borgward Isabella. I had to "google" it to find out a bit more, a German Car built from 1954 to 1962. A good looking little car and this one was a very lovely example.

A few more of the cars and bikes there today, the best attendance I've ever seen, I know there have been over 200 cars there before so I reckon there were between 250 and 300 there today.

This Elan Sprint belongs to Antonio, one of the Design Engineers I work with

This Lotus Elan was up for Sale, bodywork needs attention but a very tempting project!

Modern but exotic enough to be at a Classic Car meet, a McLaren 650S

A Classic Ice Cream Van now seems to be a regular fixture, could be good next time I need to persuade the kids to come along!

Lotus twin cam in a MK2 Cortina

Cosworth Engine in a Mk2 Cortina, naturally aspirated through webbers rather than the normal turbo though.

This lovely Mexico belongs to Kevin our local TV aerial man. I didn't know it was his until we got talking about classic cars when he came to fix my TV aerial earlier this year.

If you come from my generation then Sports Mopeds like this Suzuki AP50  are real nostalgia. This was one of the bikes to have when I was 16, I had to make do with an old Garrelli Tiger Cross.