Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Underway on the 10CR

After a change of team and car we are now on our way to the 10 Countries Run start,

Unfortunately Bill Goodwin had to drop out so we are no
Longer using his car and the team now consists of the 2 co drivers, me and Howard Brissenden and we are using Howard's TR7 convertible. 

We are now at a Hotel in Ashford ready to make a short drive to Dover to pick up the Ferry and a drive across to our pre start Hotel near Aachen. The run proper starts on Thursday morning just over the Dutch Border. 

Then it's a drive through Germany and Czech Republic, overnight through Austria, Slovenia on Friday morning and arrive in our Hotel in Cortina Italy on Friday night. Then across the Alps through Austria and Germany. Overnight stop Saturday, then back to Holland via France, Luxembourg and Belgium to finish Sunday night. Ferry back to Blighty on Monday

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