Friday, 11 September 2015

Club Triumph 10CR

Certainly a stressful and difficult start to the run. Well not even the start but pre start issues.  The charge light had come on a few times intermittently on the way to Dover but seemed to have settled down so we ignored the warining. However shortly after arriving in the EU it stayed on. The battery co diction meter also dropped so we needed a new Alternator. Fortunately one of the other teams arrived at a Belgian motorway services we were parked at and had a spare ( cheers Raider) , unfortunately having changed  ( including modifying the mounts from a 2000 saloon it still didn't work. We continued on our way to the pre start hotel thinking we'd find one at the start.
Unfortunately the car ran out of electrickery 800 yards from the hotel. We took our overnight bags and all valuables on a long wAlk to the hotel. Result was Mikey B and Dave Jones were in the same hotel
Even better Dave had a spare which we fitted in the morning and with alternator number 3 all was well.

Changing the alternator the 1st time.

After the change we arrived at the start in Holland and had a great run through Germany during the day and then through the Czech Republic that night.

En route in Germany.

Then it was via Austria overnight and into Slovenia that morning. Slovenia was really pretty and excellent mountain driving roads .


Then it was into Italy for more great driving. The car was going great so all ready for Day 3 tomorrow 


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