Sunday, 12 January 2014

White Lion Breakfast Meet with Triumph as featured marque

It was Triumph's turn to be the featured marque at the White Lion Breakfast meet this morning. I had my kids this weekend so no chance of using the GT6 but managed to bribe them to come along on the promise of a cooked breakfast in the bistro so the "Flying Log" Dolomite got it's first outing to the White Lion.

Good to see Jon there in his Stag and Gren in his GT6 Mk1.

As usual there were some lovely cars other than Triumph's there, some pretty reare and worth a few bob.... My personal favourite was the Alpine Renault, not only an excellent car but also one with a motorsport pedigree with a string of wins in rallying back on the day, plus the current owner also currently uses it for classic rallying although you'd never have thought it because it's so clean!

A few more of the nicer non-Triumphs there today.

A few MGs and Healys, I used to have a matchbox model of a Le-Man's Sprite like the yellow one when I was a kid!

Nice D Type

A Brace of Red E-Type Coupes

I've never seen one of these before, it's a Tornado Talisman, Ford based special, some were factory built, some were kits.

Lotus Cortina, nuff said...

The cheap version of the Delorean without the optional time travel pack !