Tuesday, 22 May 2012

3 Triumph Weekends on the trot!

It's been a busy month for me Triumph wise this month as I've had 3 weekends away Triumphing, all of them involving camping, beers and barbecues...

May day bank Holiday weekend was the Isle of Wight Triumph Club Weekend, even though the weather was a bit damp it was still a great event. We had quite a few of our local club area in attendance as usual. Once again we won the quiz, not sure how we manage that most years as we don't take it too seriously. Lots of the local Fuddle de dum beer was consumed so maybe that helped! A few pictures from the event below.

The following weekend was SEM (South of England Meet) at Leatherhead. The weather was dry thank goodness as the camping is very much out in the open there. Some nice cars there on the day, plus a Lightnin' McQueen (from the cartoon "Cars") themed GT6 convertible which people either loved or hated. Pictures from the event below:-

Then last weekend was my favourite Triumph Event, the Triumph Marque day at Prescott. I love the fact that this is an action packed event with Triumph's of all types from all clubs driving up the hill all through the day, some gently, some very aggresively, plus of course the chance to attack the hill in your own car. There was some lovely cars out on the track, including quite a few ex works rally cars, being driven hard like they are suppossed to be! Pictures and Video clips below, including in car footage of one of my runs up the hill

Video Clip of My Run

Video Clip of Works TR4 Rally car, very fast...