Saturday, 10 September 2016

Being fair to the GT6

As the flying log was fitted with a nice little unobtrusive rein 12v socket last week the GT6 was feeling left out. So I've just fitted a similar one in the GT
Even more unobtrusive than the one in the Dolomite, socket under the dash following the angle slope...

Monday, 5 September 2016

Getting the "Flying Log" ready for the RBRR

The Round Britain Reliability Run is only a month away now so I've been spending quite a bit of time getting the Flying Log ready for the event.

Firstly there was the small matter of an MOT! The Log failed back in June, there was some imbalance in the brakes and some corrosion around the rear front subframe mounts on the chassis legs. Although known as Chassis legs  it's actually part of the body as the Dolomite doesn't have a separate Chassis.

For the brakes I replaced the shoes and pads and seals on one caliper (The other caliper was replaced recently with a recon unit). For the corrosion I got the MOT centre (Moonface) to do the work, I supplied new polybush subframe mounts.

Repaired Chassis leg with new Polybush subframe mounts.
On the retest there was still an issue with the handbrake. Moonface sorted this out, it transpired that the previous owner had inadvertently swapped over the adjuster threaded ratchets between sides. So they were un-adjusting rather than adjusting the handbrake each time it was applied! I know I didn't do this as I've only ever stripped down one side at a time! Anyway all done now and a fresh MOT was in place at the end of July.

There has been an advisory on the last 3 MOTs of excess play on an inner track rod ball joint. I fixed this now, but had difficulty undoing the retaining nut which is rather large 1 5/16 AF. I bought a second hand spanner on ebay for the job which sorted that though!

I had a Piranha electronic ignition pack up on me a couple of tyears ago and have been sticking with points and condenser since. But for the RBRR I splashed out on an Accuspark electronic ignition system. It was a bargain as they had an offer on with 4 Accuspark triple electrode spark plugs included for £1 more than the cost of the ignition. So I also fitted these.

Accuspark Electronic  Ignition system added.
I will keep the points and condenser in the car as a spare in case of electronic ignition system failure, a lesson learnt from the earlier Pirahna failure!

Other jobs included fitting new front wheel bearings, adjusting the tappets, balancing and tuning the carbs with my Weber syncrometer and colortune, Topping up the gearbox oil and checking the diff oil (didn't need a top up).

I also fitted an uprated Alternator (55A vs the standard 35A) , I'll carry the standard one as a spare.

I fitted a Fire extinguisher as I found one cheap in Lidl for £8.99!

£8.99 Fire Extinguisher fitted, Lidl Bargain!
I fitted a twin 12v Socket under the dash, a pretty unobtrusive unit. I wired it up to only be live with the ignition on and used a natty combined relay and fuse holder unit to ensure that the full current isn't carried through the ignition switch. My "inconsiderate" teenage daughter left her hairdryer at her Mum's house which prevented me neatening off the crimp connectors with heatshrink so for the time being I've used insulating tape to hold some heatshrink in place to be shrunk later!

Unobtrusive double 12v socket

Combined Relay/Fuse holder unit.
One of my Co-Drivers, Mark Smith, came over to check over the car, always good to have a 2nd pair of eyes. He did find that one of the front brake flexi pipes looks suspect and the other was twisted. I must have twisted it when I removed the caliper to fit the wheel bearing. Anyway I decided to order two new aeroquip hoses which will be fitted when they arrive this week.

Apart from that the rest of the prep will be the last minute top ups, tyre pressures, rainex etc. Not sure whether to change the oil and filter at this stage, it was only changed with fresh Valvoline VR1 and Unipart filter  about 700 miles ago and the oil looks pretty clean. However I do have a filter and some Valvoline VR1 ready in case I do decide on a change.