Saturday, 22 February 2014

That'll be it then...

The Dolomite has let me down a couple of times recently on start up. Turn the ignition on and everything lights up as normal, turn the key to start and the solenoid clicks and then all the electrics go out. A quick wriggle of the positive battery cable to the solenoid and everything springs back into life and all works fine again for a week or two.

So I thought I'd clean the terminals and tighten everything up and that'd cure it. However when I disconnected the cable at the solenoid I found that it was starting to break up. So a nice new cable has now been purchased and fitted. Not only has this made the starting more reliable but it's also made a big increase in current capacity and the starter motor much faster now as well.

Battery Cable
Terminal end starting to break up
New Battery to Solenoid Cable fitted.