Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Sacrificial clamps!!!

Last time I completed the RBRR in the Dolomite we had a bit of an issue with the exhaust grounding out on the bumpy minor roads of Scotland and Cornwall. It had never been an issue except on the RBRR when the car was loaded up with lots of heavy tools, spares, fluids (Oil, petrol, Water, antifreeze, brake fluid etc) and 3 big blokes.

At the end of the run the rear box which hangs down pretty low on a Dolly 1500 or 1850 had taken quite a beating with a big flat dented on the bottom LH corner and quite a bit of scrape wear from the roads.

Damaged Rear Box after the last RBRR

Not wanting a repeat this year with the risk of the rear box wearing through I decided to put some protection in place.

Initially my thoughts were to make up some kind of skid pan. But then I thought lets just get some giant exhaust clamps big enough to go around the box which is a round profile. The clamps can then be sacrificed to take the wear.

Giant Exhaust Clamp

Sacrificial Clamps in Place