Sunday, 14 July 2013

It's surprising what you find just around the corner!

The Power of Facebook!  There I was sitting in the sunshine in my Garden checking for updates on facebook late on a Sunday morning and I noticed one of my facebook freinds Jon (who owns a Stag) had published a check in at a classic car meet about 3 miles away in Hartney Wintney. The meet is held at the White Lion, an ex pub but now and Antiques place and coffee shop.

Knowing that I'd be dropping of my daughter for the rest of the day in a few minutes and would only have my boy James to contend with for the next few hours I decided to get the GT6 out and give the pace a visit.

Unfortunately it was gone 12 noon by the time we got there and it turns out that the regular meeting is actually a breakfast meeting so most of the cars had gone. Nevertheless there was still a few interesting cars left. Turns out that the White Lion Antiques place is owned by an ex Racing Driver Jerry Mahoney who is now an owner of several classics himself and so has decided to hold regular classic car breakfast meets. Generally on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month (although there are exceptions). More details from the website:-

A few pictures from today's meeting below. I recon I'll be dragging out the GT6 to a few of these meets in the future as it's so close to home...