Monday, 23 June 2014

The Power of Internet Forums !!

My Blog isa set up so that it gets posted automatically on the Club Triumph Forum every time I load a post.

Following on from yesterdays post regarding the Dolomite Brakes I had a PM from CT member Mike Barrett who has a late MK3 GT6 that has a similar rear brake set up to the Dolomite with self adjusting brakes.

Mike pointed out that there are suppossed to be some H shaped plates to locate the brake shoes. This wasn't apparent from the Triumph workshop manual but looking at the Haynes manual and the Dolomite Part catalogue they can clearly be seen.

The  H shaped part highlighted 519760 was missing on both sides of my car

These parts were missing from my car which would have allowed the shoe operated y the handbrake lever to move outwards off the slave piston, bend the brake shoe plate and jam up.

The parts don't seem to be stocked anywhere but it's such a simple little part it was easy to knock a couple up in the workshop of the right approximate size.

Easy enough to knock a couiple up of approximately the right size

This seems to have done the trick so cheers Mike!!

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