Thursday, 24 April 2014

Dolly Exhaust blowing again and I cant be arsed to fix it!

The Dolly exhaust started blowing again today. So I got under there with more baked bean tin repairs to the downpipe as it was leaking from the same place. Then I found that the downpipe flange gasket is also leaking now.

What is a real pain is that despite ordering a stainless exhaust system from the Dolly club 5 weeks ago on a quoted 3-4 weeks delivery it hadn't turned up and having chased it this week I found that there is a delay at the manufacturer, firstly they didn't acknowledge the order and it had to be resent a couple of weeks later and secondly their leadtimes have increased. That's a real pain as I wanted to get the new system fitted before the Isle of Wight camping weekend over May bank holiday which now looks unlikely.

As fitting a downpipe gasket is a pain in the arse of a job and as I'll only have to replace it again in 2-3weeks time when installing the stainless system I think I'll just put up with a blowing downpipe gasket for my trip to the Island. Not ideal but I just can't be arsed to do the job twice within a couple of weeks.

So if you are over on the Island and you here a sound like a tank, that'll be me in the "Flying Log"...

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