Sunday, 6 July 2014

Wheel Alignment and Carnival Show time

I took the "Flying Log" in for a laser 4 wheel alignment check yesterday. I knew that the front wheel alignment was out as the front tyres have started to scrub out, also the car looked like it had a large ammount of negative camber on the front.

What I didn't relaise was quite how far out the tracking was, it was set up with around 10.5mm of toe in on each wheel, whereas the proper setting is 0 to 1.6mm of toe in. I know that the previous owner replace the trackrod ends and he obviously didn't get the tracking set afterwards even approximately. Any way the good news was that once the tracking was adjusted it affectted the camber angle and brought that in to within 0.5 degree which is close enough for me. The car certainly steers a lot better now!

Today I was out in the modern car and came across a procession of classic motorbikes goingthrough the high street. It then dawned on me that it's Fleet Carnival this week and they often have a classic car and bike show as part of the celebrations. When I got home I checked out and sure enough there was a car and bike show on so I filled in a booking form and drove the 1/2 mile to the park where the show was taking place in the GT6. A nice little show with a good variety of cars, including mine there were 4 Triumph's there, a Stag, A TR6 and a nice little Herald 1200.

Lots of other Nice British Classics, The Cute and imaculate Blue and White Metropolitan was my favourite of the day.

There was quite a few American Automobiles there

Nice couple of Split Screen VW Campers

This Ferrari looks too modern to be a classic, then you realise it;s actually 24 years old and yes I guesss it is !

A few Classic Commercials as well

Then there were the Bikes.

Lots of Classic British Iron.

Japanese 70s Classics

Classic Gilera Italian 70s Sports Moped brought back memories, my first Bike was a Garelli Tiger Cross which was quite similar.

There were a few Harleys including this one which looked older than it was.

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