Sunday, 6 October 2013

Inertia Rear Seat Belts in a Dolomite

Today I fitted some inertia rear seat belts into my Dolomite 1500HL. As one of the main reasons for buying the car is to have a 4 seater Triumph so I can still go to Triumph events when I've got the kids in a Triumph it is pretty essential that I have rear seat belts and the Dolomite had none fitted from new.

A quick tip for anyone looking for rear seat belts for a Dolomite or Triumph Saloon, don't buy them from any of the Triumph specialists, use a company called KCP Car and Commercial Ltd as they are a fraction of the price, KCP have an ebay shop under the user name "kcponline" and I got two brand new rear Securon seat belts for less than 54 quid which is less then half the price than some Triumph specialists are selling them for and significantly less than all the others I checked out. FYI the Securon part number for belts to suit 2000, 2500s, Dolomites, Toledos and Acclaims is part number 254.

Anyway, first part of fitting then is to remove the seat squab and back. The seat squab just pops out. The back is held by two pozidrive screws at the bottom of the seat back accessible once the squab has been removed.

Next you need to cut the rear parcel shelf above the seat belt captive bolts, the parcel shelf hardboard already has cuts outs ready in the right place, you just need to cut through the foam and leathercloth above. I removed the whole parcel shelf to do this but you can do this with the parcel shelf in place, just lift up the front to check where the holes are in the hardboard base.

Hole cut in Parcel shelf ready for top seat belt mount
Next you need to prepare the lower mountings that are in the car body below where the seat squab fits. If seat belts have never been fitted the holes are blanked off with plastic pugs, use a screwdriver to lever out the plugs. if you are just fitting two seat belts then use the two outermost and two inner most mountings like I did. If you are also fitting a central lapbelt (Secureon Part number 210) then remove all six plugs, use the two outer ones on each side for the inertia belts and the two central ones for the lap belt.

Note the 3 small plastic plugs in the sat belt mounting positions
If your Dolomite is like mine, the outer mount is located right where the factory applied seam sealant over a panel join and you may need to clean the threads out if they are blocked with seam sealant. use a 7/16 UNF tap to clear the threads.

Clearing the thread in the outer mountings using a 7/16 UNF tap.
Now you can fit the seat belts, use the spacers and plain lock washers in the lower mounts as per the instructions

Lower mounts in place
Put the rear seat unit back and then mount the inertia units on the parcel shelf using the extension brackets with the supplied nut, bolts and crinkle washers. You'll need to use the extension bracket to space the inertia units away from the parcel shelf to allow then to clear the top of seat back.

Inertia Unit in pace using the extension bracket supplied with the seatbelt kit 
Then replace the seat squab. I tucked the inner seat belt buckles into the arm rest to keep them clear while doing this.

Once the squab is back in place the seat belts are ready to use.

In place and ready to use.

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  1. Thanks so much : just what I needed to encourage me to add belts to my Sprint