Friday, 25 October 2013

GT6 Bodywork back to how it should be

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while may remember the little off road excursion that my GT6 had during the 2010 RBRR due to having to take avoiding action against a Stag Deer that ran out in front of us on the A9 in the middle of the night south of Inverness.  This left the rear valance dented and split, the front valances dented and pebble dashed and the front of the sill pebbled dash, not to mention the suspension damage. Add to this the fact that my tailgate, the rear deck below the tail gate and the boot floor had some corrosion the car was in need of a little bodywork repair.

Well 3 years later I've got around to it! The car was last resprayed and had some extensive bodywork back in 2006 and the rest of the body is still in good order so now the car body is back to great condition....

Here's before and after pictures of some of the repaired areas. The photos of the before don't really show the extent of the issues that well, it was worse than it looked...

Rear Valance Before, split and Corroded, Boot Floor behind was also corroded.

Rear Valance Panel replaced, boot Floor Behind has welded repairs.
Rear Deck Before Corrosion Bubbling through

Bottom of Tailgate Had corrosion bubbling through

Bottom of Tailgate and Rear Deck, Corrosion cut out, steel repairs welded in place and sprayed.

Inside bottom of tailgate had rotted through

Repair Welded in and sprayed.


Offside Front Valance Before, Dented and Scuffed

Repaired and Sprayed

Offside Front Valance Dented and Scuffed

Offside Front Valance Repaired and Sprayed
Sill Front was chipped by Pebbles from Roadside Gully

Sill front re-sprayed
Rear end of car and roof panel  re-sprayed to match existing
So the GT6 is now in very good order. I'm struggling a little with the Dolomite Clutch Hydraulics though they are proving a pig the bleed. Still the clutch works if you pump it so I'm sure it's just a case persevering to get the air out of the system.

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