Sunday, 13 October 2013

Nice & Quiet

Finished off replacing the exhaust manifold on the Dolly, it's sounding much better now without a blowing flange gasket.

One thing that should help reduce the frequency of blowing flange gaskets is a decent support for the exhaust down pipe as although there is a bracket fitted to the gearbox the downpipe had been left unsupported by the previous owner. As the exhaust clamp I had was a different design the original Triumph one I had to make up and adaptor bracket out of some steel angle. Once fitted the exhaust seems very stable.

Clamp and adaptor Bracket
Exhaust Downpipe now fully supported from the gearbox.
The heatshield was replaced with a new one as the old one had the centre section missing. The Carbs, all the heater hoses and air hoses were all replaced, I treated the car to a new set of air filters, the others were pretty dirty and the filter box had several dead insects in it which were cleaned out.

New heatshield fitted

heater and Air Hoses all connected up

Air box, throttle and choke linkages all back in place,

Finally the coolant was refilled with a fresh antifreeze mix. Job done and a much quieter car.

The refill of coolant is via a plug in the top of the radiator.

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