Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Clutchless Log

The Flying Log let me down a bit on Friday. Took it into work and stopped to do some shopping on the way home, when I went to drive off I found I had no clutch as all the hydraulic fluid had gone... It was bit of a painful drive home through rush hour traffic with no clutch but I made it with out too much graunching by stopping the engine when stationary, putting it in gear and then jumping forward on the starter to pull away.

Have now taken the Master, Slave and Pipe off the car. Looks like it was the Slave cylinder that had a leaky seal. The bores and pistons were good in both so I've rebuilt them with new seals.

Rebuilding the Slave Cylinder

Components stripped and Cleaned

With the new seal kit

Piston with new seal being put back into Cylinder

Replacing the circlip

Gently Peining over the retaining Ring to hold the outer dust shield in place.

Adaptors added to the Slave Cylinder for Aeroquip hoses with copper crush washers.

Rebuilding the Master Cylinder

Components Stripped

Removing the Spring clip from the piston

Piston Assembly Stripped and Cleaned

Piston assembly together with new seals

Replacing the Circlip

Adding Rubber Grease behind the Dust Shroud

Rebuilt with new Cap and adaptor for Aeroquip hose.

I'm also doing away with the crappy plastic clutch pipe that Triumph fitted from new and putting in a Goodridge Aeroquip braided hose. I was going to make up my own hose but the components were no cheaper than buying a ready made hose, although it doesn't seem like anyone does one for a Dolly 1500 so I've got a Triumph 2000 one which has the right threads (7/16 unf) but is a bit longer. The elbow joint is a bit of a tight fit at the master cylinder, I had to cut away the sound deadening and move the brake pipes slightly to make room.

Old Plastic Pipe and new Goodridge Aeroquip Pipe from a 2000 Saloon. A bit longer but there should be plenty of room in the Engine Bay and Transmission Tunnel to route the pipe using the excess.
Master Cylinder refitted with Aeroquip hose connected.
I'm also going to put an Aeroquip hose from the bleed port on the Slave Cylinder with a remotely mounted bleed nipple in the engine bay so I don't need to crawl under the car to bleed the clutch in the future. I'm making up the pipe myself. I already have the end fittings but am waiting for a metre of -3 Aeroquip pipe to arrive courtesy of ebay before I finish the plumbing, fit the slave cylinder and bleed the clutch.

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