Sunday, 27 October 2013

Clutch fixed at last, but.......

After 3 long sessions of trying to bleed the clutch on the flying log and passing over a litre of fluid through the hydraulic system trying to get the air out, it is at last sorted. I was away a couple of days and I think leaving it to itself for a couple of days allowed the air to work its way to the remote bleed nipple which is the highest point in the system and this afternoon with one manual bleed the pedal pressure came good.

I do have an issue though, whilst bleeding it on Friday, my bottle of hydraulic fluid slipped while trying to top up the master cylinder and I spilt a fair amount of brake fluid on the exhaust. The previous owner had fitted the down pipe with heat reflective exhaust tape which soaked up the spillage and when I started the car there were plumes of steamy smoke as the fluid burnt off. I left the car ticking over for about 20 minutes with the bonnet open to try and burn it all off. That was on Friday. Today I've found that where the steam laden with brake fluid had condensed it had splattered the tops of the wings. I hadn't noticed it at the time as it was raining and there were rain water droplets on the wings beaded by the wax polish, anyway the bad news it has marked the paint on the top of the front wings and a couple of marks below the windscreen too. The bonnet top need a re-paint anyway so looks like I'll have to paint the wing tops and lower screen surround at the same time....
Marks Caused by condensed brake fluid on the wing top. The offside one shown is the worst of the two as it's nearer the exhaust so had more of the fluidy steam condense there.

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