Thursday, 24 October 2013

Clutch Hydraulics Assembled

Had another productive evening in the Garage tonight. The Dolly Clutch Hydraulics are all assembled, it was getting late though so I'll bleed the clutch tomorrow night.

I made up a Goodridge hose with a remote bleed valve to extend the slave cylinder bleed port to the bulkhead inside the engine bay which will save having to bleed the clutch from under the car. This is the first time I've made up my own Goodridge Hose but it wasn't at all difficult and there are a few helpful web pages to explain how to do it.

Making up the Goodridge Hose

Assembling a straight swivel female connector

Completed Connector

Assembling the remote Bleed nipple bulkhead Connector
I bolted the two Goodridge Hoses (the one from the master Cylinder and the one to the remote bleed valve) to the Slave Cylinder before passing it down through the transmission tunnel from the engine bay. I left the feed from the master cylinder slightly loose so it could be swivelled and tightened after the slave cylinder was mounted in place to allow me to find a good way of routing the hose to use up the excess length of the Triumph 2000 Hose. I ended up putting a loop in the hose.

Hoses connected to the slave cylinder before passing down into the transmission tunnel.

Slave Cylinder in place with the hoses tightened, note the loop in the larger hose from the master cylinder to use up the additional length.
Finally I mounted the remote bleed nipple on the bulkhead with an angled bracket. All ready for bleeding the clutch now.

Remote Clutch Bleed Nipple mounted on the bulkhead

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