Sunday, 31 March 2013

Manifolds off

The car coolled down enough after a couple of hours to allow me to work on it. The manifolds are now both out. I'd forgotton just how awakward Triumph made it to get at some of the lower mounting bolts, not enough room to get a socket, offset or straight ring spanner on some of them and the only way to undo is to use an open ended spanner at an angle. Good job they were not too tight or rusted, as it was I managed to skin my knuckles!

I knew that I also have a weep from one of the core plugs under the manifold which I've never bothered to fix so I'll be doing that as well while the manifolds are off.

The only other issue I had is that the heater cable shared off and I couldn't under the retaining nut on the heater valve. Hopefully I'll be able to do this on the bench now the manifolds are off the car....
Block and head with manifolds removed, leaky core plug visible, also that red stuff on the 3rd headstud from the front is my blood from my skinned knuckle!

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