Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Coming back together now

I feel like I’m starting to make progress at last
I went up to the Triumph Spares Show at Stoneleigh where I had arranged to meet Tim Ward who kindly donated a couple of unknown quality Rotoflex hubs. I checked them out quickly at Stoneleigh and one looked like it would be OK the other had some wear on the inside face. Richard Brake had also collected some 5/8 unf nuts, they were supposed to be the thin type like the original fitment but they are still thick like the ones all the Triumph Suppliers are providing, however it doesn’t do any harm to have spares…
Once Home I cleaned up the two hubs that Tim had given me, one was definitely too worn and also had a big burr  due to previous big hammer abuse that would have stopped the drum sitting flush without some major filing but the other one looked good, the splines inner face and bearing faces in good condition and I checked the flange for run out and it was true. The only issue was that the two holes for the brake drum screws both had screw shafts stuck in them with a slight counter sink which looked like someone had probably drilled the heads off the screws to get a brake drum off!
Anyway, a bit of work carefully drilling them out with a pillar drill and re-tapping the threads had them sorted. So I now had one decent hub. I then changed over the wheel studs pressing in the new extended ones.
The rest of yesterday evening and this evening was spent assembling the drive shaft assembly to check spacers and shim requirements, building up with dry bearings to check end float and then packing with grease, reassembling and finally torqueing up the driveshaft nut with a new nut and Loctite threadlock.  I also re-checked the hub for run out on the final assembly  and it’s fine. I’ve now run out of time and I only have a couple of hours on Thursday night available to work on the car this week which should give me a chance to a chance to build up the brake assembly and bolt on the inner drive shaft  but it will be the weekend before I can start putting the shaft back in the car.
Plenty of grease used to pack the bearings

Replacement hub Torqued down with new nut on driveshaft locked iwth locktite threadklock and new Extended length wheel studs fitted.

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