Thursday, 7 March 2013

Halfshaft rebuilt and going back on the car

I finished assembling the halfshaft tonight, fitting the brake shoe assembly and hub, bolting the inner halfshaft to the rotoflex coupling. Once the coupling was bolted up it was time to cut off the steel compression band that comes fitted to new rotoflex couplings.

I then did a bit of preventative maintenance to safe hassle later on. The long lower outer wishbone bolt has a tendency to seize up on rotoflex suspension. When I replaced the bolt and wishbone trunnion bush  assembly a few years ago I used copperease grease to try and make the job easier. This has worked as the bolt still turns and can be pushed out reasonable easily, so I took the opportunity to re-grease with copper ease. The nylon bushes still have no play so I haven't replaced them this time around.

Then it was time to get the halfshaft back on the car. I wriggled it into place and replaced the diff UJ flange bolts to hold the shaft in place. Then played about with jacks and prybars to get the lower inner wishbone bush into place on the chassis bracket and got the bolt in place.

Copperease added to the lower outer wishbone trunnion bolt hole

Cutting the Temporary Rotoflex Compression strip fitted to a new coupling

The next job ids the toughest one on rotoflex suspension cars, replacing the upper vertical link swing eye bolt. The essential tool here is the famous Triumph spring lifting tool. It was getting late so I've set everything up ready but will leave it until the weekend to get the jacks and prybars etc out to get this into place. Always a job that requires plenty of cursing and swearing!

The Rotoflex Springf Lifting Tool in use

Getting Ready for replacing the upper vertical link spring eye bolt, the toughest job when replacing a Rotoflex halfshaft

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