Sunday, 31 March 2013

Blown Gasket

The GT6 has had a bit of a blowing exhaust under acceleration recently, so I checked out the exhaust system today. I did find a slightly loose clamp where the downpipe meets the mid section but having just taken it out for a test drive that wasn't it. I've also had a few issues with pinking under acceleration lately especially when the car gets hot.

Having revved the car up on the driveway after the return from the test drive I can now hear that the blowing is coming from the manifold gasket. That's probably why the car is pinking as well as the gasket is a combined inlet and exhaust manifold gasket so it may well be leaking on the inlet leading to a weakening of the mixture at high vacuum.

The car is hot now so I can't really fix it yet as I haven't got asbestos fingers!, but at least I know what I need to do to sort it out later...

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