Monday, 18 February 2013

The horrors within!!

Got the drive shaft out of my car and stripped down the hub, shaft and vertical link assembly. Not a pretty sight....

The bearing itself actually looked reasonable, but it was pretty obvious why the play had developed. The inside face of the hub bears up against the adjustment shims which in turn face up to a distance piece. What I found is that the inside face of the hub had worn, the 2 shims that I had fitted had worn away to almost nothing (just a small portion of 1 remained!) and the distance piece had also worn on both the face and the outer diameter. Quite a mess.

All 3 parts are scrap. Fortunately I have a spare hub in good condition, just as well as they are over 80 quid each. I have a couple of shims and a new bearing on order. I'll have to build up the assembly with the new hub and a new bearing to see what size distance piece I require and if I need any more shims as the distance piece and shims take up the tolerances in the hub and bearing manufacture. I do have one spare distance piece but I'd be very lucky if it works out to be the right size.

And all this wear took place within 1200 miles and between MOTs! Nasty.

Chewed up inner face of the hub...All nasty and burred up, hence it's picked up some thread off my rag.

Worn Distance piece, this part should actually have a straight edge outside instead of tapers!

All that was left of 2 shims.

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