Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Half shaft rebuild underway

Still waiting for my rear wheel bearing to be delivered, card through the door from the postman while I was at work so I'll pick it up from the sorting office tomorrow. In the meantime I set about getting stuff ready to rebuild the halfshaft assembly.

I've decided to replace the outer driveshaft as well just in case there is something wrong with it which was causing the bearing issue. I had a choice of 3 2nd hand spares so I chose the best one, in particular the one with the best thread at the end which is a weak point. I've got a die nut the right size for the thread so I also ran that down the tread to clean it up nicely.

Replacing the outer halfshaft means the rotoflex coupling has to be removed, the coupling fitted is still in very good condition, however I had one brand new genuine metalastic rotoflex coupling in my stash of spares so I decided to rebuild the halfshaft using this. I now have two 2nd hand but good condition genuine metalastic rotoflex couplings in my spares stock. Although it would be a bit of hassle to refit these if I need a replacement as they don't have the temporary steel compression band in place that new ones do it would probably still be better to do that than fit pattern ones which wear out in 5 minutes and new genuine ones are now well expensive so I'll keep and cherish the used spares!

I've also ordered some extended wheel studs and 10mm wheel spacers which should resolve the issue I have with limited clearance between the cosmic alloys and the lower wishbone bush shrounds. Easiest to fit these while I've got the hub off although I'll change the studs on the other side hub in situ which probably means stripping out the brake shoes etc but no big deal.

So tomorrow once I get the bearing I can measure up and find out which distance piece I need to buy to set the bearing end float in order to be able to finish the job.

Shaft rebuilt with replacement outer shaft and new metalastic rotoflex xcoupling. The UJ was replaced 1000 miles ago so I've left that well alone. (Must get around to tidying up my messy workbench sometime!)

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