Monday, 6 February 2012

Oh no it's MOT time

Put the GT6 in for MOT this week and it failed. Nothing too bad fortunately though.

Windscreen Wiper blade, Wheel Bearing Exhaust Clamp and a small bit of corrosion on the chassis.

I must admit, the wiper blades have only been replaced once in the 24 years I’ve owned the car so I deserve that one so I’ll even splash out and treat the car to a pair!

The tester fixed the exhaust clamp there and then, it had come loose and had moved along the pipe, no big deal there then!

The wheel bearing is unfortunately a rear one which is a bit of a pain to do with rotoflex suspension both because any job on the rear axles is a bugger with rotoflex, plus the bearings are shimmed. Still this will be the 3rd bearing I’ve replaced and I've have managed to shim them up OK in the past so it should be OK this time as I know what to do.

The chassis corrosion is just in front of the suspension turret, it was repaired in the same place on the Chassis about 20 years ago. I’ll have this repaired at the MOT centre as it’s only a small bit of work.

I had the car tested this year at Moonface Service Centre in Hook, up until a couple of years ago they were a classic restoration company but changed direction  a couple of years ago to change their business and concentrate on MOTs and servicing. They did a load of bodywork and a respray on the GT6 a few years ago when they were into restorations and I’m happy with the quality of their work. The good news I did get from Jim the owner is that they he is expanding into restoration work again and is currently setting up a new bodyshop so that’ll give us back a reasonably priced and reliable restoration company locally again….

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