Thursday, 16 February 2012

Slow Progress

Well it's been taking a little longer than I'd hoped to replace the wheel bearing on the GT6 for the MOT. First of all we had the cold snap with snow and temperatures down to minus double figures, needless to say this impacted my motivation to get out there into a cold garage and work on the car!

When i did start work I got the halfshaft removed in a couple of hours. I'd already ordered a wheel bearing so I thought it would be a fairly quick job. However, after stripping down the half shaft I found that the existing shim for adjusting the end float had disintegrated. Quite often you can get away without re-shimming the bearing when you replace it so I hadn't ordered any shims. This put a bit of a delay on things while I ordered some shims and other bits from Canleys. I decided to replace the inner wishbone bush with a polybush as this is one of the few suspension  bushes I haven't upgraded on the car so I included a polybush in my order.

After the delay while I waited for the parts to come and  some trial and error I managed to get the end float sorted with 2 shims, last time it only took one so I would have needed a shim even if the old one hadn't disintegrated. I then noticed there was some play in the UJ, so I replaced that as well. Rather than send off for one I went to a local motor factors, blimey UJs are expensive from a non-Triumph place nowadays, it weighed in at 17 quid!

Anyway halfshaft is now all rebuilt and ready to re-install in the car which is always a bit of a fight with a rotoflex car so I'll get ready to swear and curse and bruise my knuckles! Hopefully I should be in a position to get the welding and new MOT done sometime next week and that'll be that for another 12 months.

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