Monday, 20 February 2012

Click, click, click......

Finished getting the GT6 back together on Saturday afternoon but couldn't test drive it as the missus was out  and I had the kids to look after, in fact I didn't get a chance to drive it until fairly late last night.

I only tried it around the block but noticed an intermittent very light click, click click noise coming from the rear on the side where I'd had the halfshaft out. Not very loud and I may have thought it was slight play in the UJ if I hadn't just replaced it.

I jacked the car up tonight and traced it to a balance weight on the inside of the wheel rim just catching on the lower outer Wishbone seal metal shroud. As it was a back wheel I decided balancing isn't that critical, also the tyre is nearly worn out so I'm replacing it soon anyway, I therefore took the balance weight off for the time being.

Clearance has always been marginal with the offset of the cosmic alloys ad the rotoflex suspension, in fact I used to run it with 1/4 inch  wheel spacers at one time. I may have to revert back to them. I stopped using them as I didn't like the idea of less thread in the wheel nuts so I may have to replace the wheel studs with slightly longer ones.

The car is booked in for a  bit of welding on the chassis just in front of the anti roll bar mounting and an MOT re-test, then I'll be all set for the rest of the year.

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