Monday, 20 May 2013

Parts Ordered and Timing Disk "Obtained"

I ordered the timing chain kit and sprockets on line last night so they should be here before the weekend. As this weekend is a bank holiday and I'm also free from the kids I should have plenty of time to get stuck in and get the car back together.

A couple of people suggestted after I'd already ordered the parts that it would be a good idea to upgrade from the standard single chain to the duplex version as used on the 2.5L Engines. Too late now as the parts for a single timing chain set are on their way but probably a good bit of advice. Still if the standard version lasts as long as the first one did  (about 70,000 miles and 20 years!), I reckon I should need a full Engine rebuild before then anyway so no worries.

One other useful bit of information, don't bother buying a timing disc if you need to do your valve timing as there are plenty of timing disc images on the internet that can be downloaded for free and printed off on photo paper or card. here's a link to one I downloaded in case you need it:- 

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