Sunday, 26 May 2013

Cleaning and Re-assemby

Made some good progress today and the GT6 is nearly back in one piece.

Fitted the new oil seal and timing chain tensioner to the timing chain cover after cleaning up 20 years of grime off the cover from an oil leak that has been there for ages. As per the manual I made up a hooked tool for pulling the tensioner into place when replacing the cover. I use blue hylomar sealant on the gasket so hopefully it won't leak.

New oil seal and tensioner fitted

Hook tool made up out of an old tent peg for pulling the tensioner into place while refitting the cover.

Cover refitted, blue hylomar used to seal the gasket.

The tappets were checked and reset as necessary. The Water pump and housing and Radiator were refitted. The exhaust put back on along with other parts that were removed during fault finding like the air cleaners and the battery put on charge.

Tomorrow I'll add the spark plaugs. HT leads and reset the ignition timing and then it will be time to try and start the beast. Fingers crossed all will be well and the GT6 will be back on the  road ready for a blast tomorrow afternoon.

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