Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Time to make a new Rocker Cover Gasket

The GT6 is fitted with an SAH Alloy Rocker Cover, a nice bit of kit, but one problem is that the standard Rocker cover Gasket's don't fit and of course SAH disappeared years ago as a company so no chnace of buying a new gasket off them.

I'm giving the car a service over the next few evenings so decided to do the tappets first while everything is cold under the bonnet. Of course what I hadn't bargained for was the fact that the rocker cover gasket had deformed, I thought I'd noticed a bit of a leak so that explains it!

A few years ago I purchased some cork gasket sheet on ebay to make up a gasket when  I first fitted the SAH cover. Luckily the sheet was big enough to make 3 gaskets so I set about making one up this evening. Easy enough to do using the Rocker cover as a pattern and cutting out the gasket using a scalpel with a nice sharp new blade.

The only other issue is the fact that the SAH cover just has a flat gasket face with no groove to locate the gasket like the standard one. I therefore stick the gasket into place using Blue Hylomar gasket cement, I coat the gasket in the Blue Hylomar, then put the rocker cover on top and weigh it down to leave it overnight. The gasket then stays in place. The beauty of the Blue Hylomar is that it stays soft and both the gasket and the Blue Hylomar  is reasonably easy to remove when the Gasket needs replacing.

I believe that the TSSC has now had some gaskets made up in rubber suitable for the SAH rocker covers, so I may give one of them a try next time I need to replace the gasket, however there is a certain amount of satisfaction in making one up from cork yourself!

Gasket Cut Out and Coated with Blue Hylomar

Gasket fitted to the Rocker Cover and weighed down overnight to stick it in place. Note the use of bricks and Tool boxes as weights!

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