Thursday, 20 April 2017

Vibrating Brakes

I had an issue develop on the GT6 last week, I was getting a vibration coming from the nearside rear of the car on braking.

I suspected it maybe a brake drum that had worn oval.  On investigation I jacked up that corning of the car and partially applied the handbrake. On rotating the wheel I found that the brake was dragging for part of a revolution and free for part, confirming an issue with the drum.

I ordered a couple of new drums and as luck would have it already had a set of New Old Stock Lockheed Shoes in my parts stash.
New Drums

New Old Stock Brake Shoes from my parts stash

I spent yesterday evening changing out the drums and shoes, after a quick test drive I confirmed that the vibration has gone away. Good news and a fairly quick fix although not cheap, a pair of drums was over £80 with carriage, last time I bought a par it was about 20 quid, however, thinking about it that was over 25 years ago!

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