Thursday, 6 October 2016

Ready to Go - Britain here we come

It's the night before the big event, the Flying Log is prepared, cleaned, stickered up, packed and ready to go. 2,000 miles in 48 hours. Leaving from from Knebworth at around 6pm up to John O'Groats for breakfast, down to Lands end via Wales for breakfast the follwing day and back to Knebworth in time for Dinner.

It's sitting a bit low at the back with a full set of tools including a trolley jack and axle stands, lots of spares, oils, coolant, brake fluid and other topping up stuff, a full petrol can and a full tank of fuel.

Ready to go and sitting low!
Snacks have also been bought to keep the drivers sustained throughout the journey, especially through the night in the wilds of the Scottish Highlands and Wales where nothing will be open.

The sponsorship had reached £555 last time I looked so thanks you to our generous sponsors. Fingers crossed I'll get approved for some matched sponsorship from Vodafone under a company scheme that matches up to £350 , not guaranteed but I did manage to obtain it last time I did the event so fingers crossed. With a few last minute sponsors we may even get close to the £1,000!

Now time for some sleep before the off tomorrow.

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