Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Fitting 99 pence worth of "Brownness"

I spent this evening replacing my split Dolomite drivers seat cushion with the one that I won recently on ebay for 99p. The Triumph factory workshop manual was rather lacking when it came to this job, it just said remove the seat by removing the 4 bolts from the runners and then remover the seat cushion cover held in by 8 clips.

First problem I came across is that on the drivers seat the rear two bolts on the seat runners are not able to be accessed even with the seat fully forward as the seat gets in the way. Therefore I had to remove the bolts from the height adjustment mechanism to remove the seat. Not to tricky to remove but a bit tricky to reassemble as you need more than two hands to deal with the spring loaded mechanism and replace the bolt.

One of the bolts removed from the height adjustment mechanism to remove the seat.
Having got the seat out the manual mad removing and replacing the cushion cover a lot simpler than it was. The manual simply said to remove the cover held in place by 8 clips. Yeah right! The previous owner had obviously had a go at the cover before as there were a lot more than 8 clips and additionally the seat cover was also glued to the foam. I know on Spitfires and GT6s the covers are supposed to be glued but according to the Doloimite factory manual Dolly seats are not. Anyway I removed the clips with a small electrical screwdriver, including some of the clips from the rear squab where it was fitted over the top of the cushion and peeled back the cushion from the foam as best I could where it had been glued.

Removing the clips
I fitted my replacement 99p ebay cushion cover with clips alone, although I my also add some glue as I'm not totally happy with the back edge as there is some Vinyl visible in the fold of the seat. However it'll do for now and it's much better than the split seat cover that was in the car.
The finished seat with cover replaced.
Seat re-fitted in the car.

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