Sunday, 8 December 2013

White Lion Breakfast Meet

Went along to the White Lion Breakfast Classic Car Meet today in the GT6. Always a nice varied selection of Classics everything from Jags, to MGs, To Replica Bugattis to a Deloreon. I recognised a White Dolly 1500 that parked next to my GT6 as a car that had parked next to me outside the Auto Factors in Camberley a couple of months back. Turns out that the owner David only lives about 1/2 mile away from me and he recognised my GT6 and knew I also had a 1500 Dolly as he'd seen it parked on my driveway.... He's owned the car since the 80s and it looks pretty tidy, it's up fro sale at the moment if anyone is looking for a Dolomite give me a shout and I'll put you in touch.

Back to the Future?

Saw this Rusty MG Driving through the town yesterday with the Kids, looks rough but sounds sweet and it's got a bit of rally motorsport in it's history.

Saw these Bugatti replicas a couple of years back when they dropped into the Club Triumph National day at Hollycombe steam museum.

OK Not a classic Car I know but it's certainly a classic bike, chopped Matchless Twin, very 70s...

This Anglia was very tasty, it's got a Lotus Twin Cam Engine

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