Sunday, 15 September 2013

Duxford All Triumph Day 2013

Just got back from the annual Triumph Day at Duxford. Numbers were well down this year probably as a rather nasty storm had been forecasted for the afternoon. In the end there were few heavy showers and quite a gale but the torrential rain that had been forecasted held off for the show. Star of the show for me wasn't a car, it was the Naked Spitfire Merlin Engine that was started up and run at full chat several times during the afternoon, what a sound!
Merlin Engine mounted on a frame to be run Naked...
The ear defenders are definitely required!


Sounded great, click on the video above!

Anyway, back to the cars!

Nice Peerless

Lovely TR5
Good Reg Number for a 72 TR6!

The Lightning McQueen themeed Spit/GT6 hybrid always brings a smile to my face

This Green Gitfire was even more lurid in the flesh!

Lotus Lookie Likey Triumph Kit car was well prepared.
Numbers down on previous years due to severe weather being forecasted.
And as it's an aircraft museum it would be rude not to include some pictures of the museum exhibits.

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