Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Fixing a rattly GT6 rear seat

I finally got around to doing one of those little jobs that has been on my to do list for ages this evening.

My GT6 is fitted with the optional occasional rear seat conversion. To be honest it's not a brilliant seat as there is no leg room so it just allows one very small passenger to sit sideways in the back, however it does finish off the interior nicely! I fitted the conversion shortly after buying the car having managed to get hold of a brand new Stanpart kit complete with all fittings and instructions. These are as rare as rocking horse poo!

Anyway that was about 80,000 miles ago and for the last few years the seat has become very rattly. The reason for this is Triumph's rather crude design whereby shoot bolts like you get to hold a loo door closed are used to hold the seat in the upright position. What's more rather than having a block to locate the bolt into like one on a loo door the bolt simply runs up against a flat steel bracket. Over the years the bolts have worn about 1/2 of the way through allowing about 3mm of play which causes an annoying rattle.

Bolt in place (one fitted at each side of seat)
Wear on the end of the bolt shaft which is causing a rattle, both are worn in the same way.
The parts for the seat conversion aren't listed or stocked by any of the Triumph specialists, however as they are pretty much the same as a standard loo door shoot bolt I went off to B&Q to find as close a match as possible. I found one that was slightly too long which I was able to cut down and also cut some slots to match the fixings on the original.

New bolt slightly longer than the original
New bolt shortened and with slots added to match original as closely as possible.
I then installed the new bolts. Also to help stop rattles I used a short piece of windscreen washer pipe split over the bracket which provides a cushion and makes it a tight rattle free fit when the seat is held in place. Job done !
New bolt in place with split washer pipe anti rattle cushion.

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